Action Alert

Texas Values is urging all San Marcos residents to immediately contact the Mayor and city council members regarding a recent pro-LGBT “sexual orientation and gender identity” (SOGI) policy that was passed in a closed executive session and then voted on during a Shelter in Place order. This policy would force private businesses and contractors with the City of San Marcos to violate their sincerely held religious beliefs on marriage and biological sex.

Not only is the policy itself wrong, but the San Marcos City Council manipulated the coronavirus situation to pass a policy without public input from the residents of San Marcos.

Last legislative session, a bill had similar language and wanted to punish Christian employers who did not comply with sexual orientation and gender identity special protections. Sexual orientation and gender identity are not protected classes under federal law and no state law requires special protection for either.

The policy goes into effect TOMORROW, May 15. Texas Values has submitted a formal letter to the Mayor and city council that can be read here.

TAKE ACTION: Call and email the Mayor of San Marcos and city council members TODAY to urge them to stop this LGBT policy and demand a public hearing where the public will have a voice. 

Jane Hughson
Phone: 512-393-8091

San Marcos City Council

Place 1
Maxfield Baker 
Phone: 512-393-1578

Place 2
Saul Gonzalez 
Phone: 512-393-8090

Place 3 
Ed Mihlkanen
Phone: 512-393-8090

Place 4 
Mark Rockeymore 
Phone: 512-618-4803

Place 5 
Jocabed “Joca” Marquez 
Phone: 512-393-1740

Place 6 
Melissa Derrick 
Phone: 512-938-8141



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